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Bride Bootcamp

22nd February 2010

On Saturday we did a shoot for Commando Fitness a new company based in Farnham, Surrey.

Something of particular interest for all our brides to be is Commando Fitness’ Bride Bootcamp service.

Their Bride Bootcamp package is the perfect way to shape up before your wedding day… what a great idea!

We photographed some great, relaxed and fun promotional shots for both their website and marketing.

Don’t worry though, it’s not just Bride Bootcamp that’s offered at this brilliant local company, there are plenty of other packages and options to help you get fit!

Visit Commando Fitness for more information, or alternatively call Tom on 07815 834391 or email info@commandofitness.co.uk

Here’s a few images from the shoot!

Bride Bootcamp

Get Fit with Bride Bootcamp!

Bride Bootcamp

Bride Bootcamp

Get fit with bride bootcamp

Bride Bootcamp

Bridal Bootcamp!